About Us

We believe that Being Beautiful or Handsome Is Easier Than You Think!

So we started this website to help anyone who need some advice.

Physical appearance was not the only aspect of ourselves that was attractive. Our personalities can influence how others see us.

our confidence and social skills can spark attraction, passion, and intrigue in potential lovers.
The “unchangeable” parts of our looks were not driving attraction anyway! Contrary to popular belief, a symmetrical nose, the perfectly proportionate figure, or a classic face are not nearly as important as the apects of yourself that are easy to change. The little things under your control are the most attractive characteristics of all.

Masculinity, somewhat attractive to women, was comprised of some of the stable features (depending on your gym time) of muscularity, shoulder width, larger chest, and a bigger jaw.
Femininity, somewhat attractive to men, contained more changeable features of wearing makeup, longer hair, and greater femininity (in posture, body language, etc.).
Finally, pleasantness, somewhat attractive to both men and women, was all about being happy, positive, and friendly in attitude.

The VAST majority of features important to attractiveness are relatively easy to change. Just grooming, standing up straight, getting a decent wardrobe, and staying relatively healthy makes you attractive! Beyond that, being positive, pleasant, and friendly makes you truly alluring. Finally, if guys want to spend a bit of time in the gym, or women want to grow their hair and put on some makeup, then they can have the whole package. Again, no implants, botox, nose jobs, or facelifts required.