The Content Fear

The Content FearIn a world where we are surrounded 24/7 by a constant stream of new & engaging content, do you ever just feel overwhelmed by it all? Whether you are a blogger/vlogger/Instagramer/or simply just an ‘average Joe’, there is this underlying pressure to be present on social media curating content that will secure the attention of a captive audience. But what if you don’t want to? What if for you it really isn’t about the numbers but the world & their algorithms force you into that unsettling, pressure driven mindset? Although I’m someone who has been blogging way back since July 2010, over 7 years ago, you’d think by now I’d have this content creation thing down, right? Wrong.

It doesn’t get easier. It doesn’t just ‘happen’. Yes I look back at content I’ve created in the past to reignite that passion, to remind myself it’s okay to ‘just do you’, but once you’ve taken a step back it can become incredibly daunting to jump back in again. The expectation of sharing great content becomes this impossible looming mountain that no matter how much you tell yourself to ignore it, there it is standing firm in your mind making the simple task of ‘uploading a blog post’ suddenly seem impossible.

But say you push past the social pressure and you forget about the numbers & the engagement, what do you do when you simply loose your confidence? How do you push past that feeling of not being good enough? This could either be due to the thousands of perfected images shared across social media every minute of every day or because you don’t feel as good as your past self. We’ve all been there, whether it’s putting on a couple of pounds, loosing your mojo or feeling behind because you don’t have the latest camera & tech. That niggling feeling of being substandard can be hard to shake & can leave you questioning it all.

In a world where you see constant criticism, speculation & judgment regarding almost every aspect of an individuals life, it can be tricky to rise above & continue as if everything is okay. Who, in all honesty, really wants to participate in that? The reality is this world has changed. In order to now take part does that therefore mean you have to change too? Or do you resiliently continue regardless? There is no right or wrong answer, simply what is right for you and we are all human at the end of the day, even if social media doesn’t like to portray us this way.

I’ve seen more people speak up recently regarding this topic, sharing the same concerns & fears. In all honesty, right now I’m right in the middle of that content fear mindset, simply snapping out of it isn’t easy and I commend everyone who continues to push through this mindset. This community can build people up but knock them back down again just as quickly. It’s a fickle old world & who knows if I still belong in it.

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