My Life List

My Life ListIf I said to anyone at work, or in my friendship group, that I have a tendency to forget things, they probably wouldn’t believe you. Why? Because I’ve become a hyper organised person to compensate & ensure that I don’t forget what I’ve said/done or need to do. To combat this I have lists coming out of my eyeballs! My notebook at work is basically my lifeline and anything important is written up on a whiteboard/post its/signs around me. I even have lists constantly running on my phone of things I need to do at home or buy. Bit OTT I here you say? Possibly, but my motto has become: ‘if it’s not written down it’s not going to happen!’

Not only does this apply to day to day things, it also applies to life in general. Take this scenario for instant, have you ever been in a situation where you come home from a bad day, slump yourself down on the sofa and start thinking that everything is shit? You need a holiday, a night out, new clothes, something to change and something good to happen. Not only is it easy to forget to pickup eggs for breakfast, it’s also easy to forget all the amazing things that happen in your life or those little moments that make you smile.

Did you forget about that holiday you took last month? What about that great birthday party your friend had back in the Summer? We all lead pretty incredible lives filled with fun, laughter & joy that can easily be forgotten by one bad day. At the start of 2017 I wanted to ensure this stopped. I wanted to stop complaining & forgetting about all the great things in my life so I did what I do best, got organised & started a happiness box. The concept is simple, every time something made me happy I wrote it down and popped it inside the box. Whether it was my trip to LA, going to the Baftas or the simple pleasures of having friends round to my flat, any moment that made me feel happy was written down, ready for me to read whenever I felt like I needed a pick me up.

It’s easy to get caught up in other people’s lives, thanks to social media you are instantly surrounded by unattainable lifestyles that can leave you feeling like your life doesn’t compare. Seeing an individual jet set to tropical holiday destinations, buy new handbags or renovate their home, it’s easy to wish that you had the same. We’ve got to remind ourselves that we only see the ‘best bits’ shared on social media so we have to stop comparing. Instead, step back and look at all the great things you already have in your own life.

If you ever feel down or need a quick pick me up, I really recommend a happiness box. It’s amazing how easy it can be to forget the little things and every time I went through mine during 2017 I always finished with a smile on my face. For 2018 I’m switching things up, instead of a box I’m going back to an old school wall calendar. For me, visual is best and being able to quickly see all the great things I’ve done/got planned helps to keep up that positive outlook. Life is tricky enough without comparing it to others, let’s embrace what we have and remind ourselves of all the happiness that already exists.

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