Living Alone-Are You Happy?

Living Alone-Are You Happy?When you look up the word ‘alone’ and it’s official meaning you get descriptions such as:‘having no one else present’‘on one’s own’‘indicating that something is confined to the specified subject or recipient’

Not exactly the most empowering or postitive sounding messages are they? You see the word ‘alone’ can sound quite daunting, it indicates there isn’t anyone else and the individual is completely isolated. But is that really the case? What if *shock horror* you like being alone? Come December, not only will we be in the season of Christmas, Santa & alcohol spiked festive drinks, it will also mark one whole year since I’ve lived in my flat, alone. That’s right me and my one bedroom flat will have been together a whole 12 months and I’ve loved it.

But how’s it really been? Am I crawling at the windows for company? Surrounded by 15 cats & 3 tanks of pet fish? Am I happy? In all honesty, it’s been marvellous. My flat is tidy when I get home from work, there isn’t any dodgy unknown & unclean specimen sitting by the sink for months, I can watch & do what I want when I want and it’s bliss. It’s my space, my home, my things. When I come home late from work I can be selfish, jump on the sofa and chow down on a questionable piece of potentially stale toast 😉

So do I get lonely? In all honesty I’m not often sat in my flat on my own. I’m either at work, out with friends, have people round to visit or instead pop round to see my parents (and more importantly the cat 😻) As I’ve moved into a new build I’ve also not had to deal with any big DIY projects, broken boilers or leaky washing machines. Not only that, my neighbours in the building are a friendly bunch too so I never feel alone.

I like my independence, my space and being from a small family I’m used to a quite at home life. I know people can feel daunted at the prospect of living on their own, but if the last 9 months have shown me anything it’s that living alone doesn’t have to be lonely. I’m incredibly lucky to be in a position where I’m not only a homeowner, but can also afford to live by myself. I adore my flat, my home and the space it gives me so am sticking two fingers up at the word ‘alone’ and encourage you to do the same.

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