Getting Sun Safe

Getting Sun SafeAlthough the glorious British Summertime may be calling time on our chances to frolic in those warm rays, I’ve got myself some guaranteed sunshine in an upcoming trip to celebrate a looming big birthday. Because the trip is planned right before said birthday, I want to try & return a bronzed goddess ready to celebrate with my nearest & dearest. Now that’s easier said then done as not only is the sun incredibly damaging for your skin, I am incredibly British meaning any dose of sunlight causes me to burn instead of turning that golden brown colour. Fun right? So this year I’m getting myself prepared & that means getting myself a sun-care setup courtesy of Institut Esthederm.

If you haven’t heard of this brand before it’s the home of high-tech skincare from Paris. With the mantra of natural skin protection you get a range of products curated to maintain the quality & youthfulness of your skin, even when in the sun. Due to my fair complexion, no matter how careful I am slathering factor 50 on my skin whilst hiding under a hat & the shade, I always manage to burn. This time I’m hoping that with these three sun safe beauties I’ll be able to frolic in the sun whilst keeping my skin protected.

But it’s not just all about what I use once in the sun, this trip I’m going to get myself prepared with the Bronze Impulse Face & Body Spray*. For 7 days prior to sun exposure, this body spray will not only speed up the tanning process once I am away, it also increases my skin’s antioxidants to reduce the risk of skin reactions to the sun. Fancy huh? If that wasn’t enough, you can also apply this 20 minutes before sun exposure (& before sun protection) and in the evening (before after sun) to protect against photo-ageing caused by UVA rays.

Once out in the sun it’s time for the Adaptasun Body Spray Strong Sun*. This optimises cell protection using patented Global Cellular Protection technology oer. Re-apply every 2 hours to ensure you are protected against harmful rays, dark spots & cell damage. I’ve used this range before on a trip to Dubai and can confirm there was no burned skin in sight. Can’t say I returned the most tanned however so will be interesting to see the results this time around!

Finally there is the Tan Prolonging Body Lotion* a special aftersun milk to rehydrate and cool. I love after sun, especially knowing how red my skin can tend to get. Again this promises to lengthen the time of your tan, anything hydrating will do that to prevent your skin from peeling, but it smells blooming marvellous and I’m holding out high hopes that I will return a golden bronzed goddess!

*Disclaimer: these products do not promise to turn you into said goddess however I will report back after my trip to let you know how I got on with my Institut Esthederm sun safe skincare routine!

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