JANUARY GOALSWhen a New Year rolls into town everyone’s mind tends to buzz full of resolutions, plans, goals & hopes for the next 12 months. A fresh year, a chance for everything to change – right? When the clock struck midnight on the 1st January 2017 my focus was all about turning 30. From planning a big party to booking my dream holiday, I wanted to ensure I made the most of every moment before that next milestone hit. Wind the clock forward to that exact same moment a year on, the start of 2018, and I struggled to formulate a single goal/focus for the year. You see I’m not much of a resolution person, my mindset is more ‘if you want something to change, change it’. You don’t need a New Year to result in a New You.

Instead of trying to force a big resolution that tends to get forgotten & missed, I’ve opted for monthly goals that are orientated around a more balanced & positive self. I touched on this in my recent Happiness Box post that I’ve gone back to the classic wall calendar. For me, a visual aid is key as this allows me to set & see my monthly goals. January was all about trying to improve my work/life balance, I tend to write off nights during the week allowing them to become filled with late nights in the office or recuperation on the sofa where I’m tucked up in bed by 10pm #Rock&Roll. So here we have:

Goal Numero One: at least twice during the month do something after work (and Friday’s don’t count!)

Might not seem like the most revolutionary task to set myself but I found the simple act of breaking routine encouraged me to get out more. Whether it was a mid-week cinema session or dinner with a friend, not only was it a great excuse to catchup with people I don’t see that often, it also showed me that leaving work at a more reasonable hour doesn’t result in a fire the next day – those will happen anyway 😉 February although a shorter month I’m going to continue to lock-in some mid-week plans. Alongside that there is:

Goal Numero Two: go to the gym/do an exercise class 8 times

Granted, this doesn’t sound much in the grand scheme of things, but due to a long commute I’m more often than not limited to weekend gym sessions or classes. In January there are 4 stars on my wall calendar for each gym session I’ve done (potentially 5 if I can get my butt off the sofa today!) so for Feb I wanted to double it. By setting bite sizes goals for each month it helps me to have a focus that I can achieve giving me motivation to keep trying new things.

Have you set yourself any resolutions or monthly goals?

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