My Favorite Makeup Brushes

My Favorite Makeup BrushesThis post has been a LONG TIME COMING! I’m not sure how many times a day I get asked about my favorite brushes, but its become apparent that this post is needed. I’m a value girl. I love saving money where I can and spending money where I have too. Over the years I’ve learned that Makeup brushes don’t have to cost $340 for 16 of them (yes, i’m throwing some shade at Kylie Cosmetics). There are brands out there that have amazing brushes for amazing prices. I’m going to share with you my top 6 favorite face brushes that have got me through the year. Let me know in the comments if you guys like these posts and you want to see my top eye shadow brushes! As always don’t forget to subscribe and let me know how much you enjoyed this post. If you don’t? Get off my page!!!

Morphe Brushes M439– This is the BEST foundation brush. It’s not too rough or loose. It moves the product around almost like your beauty blender. It gives you a nice air brushed finished and its way easier to clean then a beauty blender. It also is really great for your cream bronzers and cream blushes. What I like to do with this brush is place a couple drops of my liquid highlighter in the middle and my liquid foundation around the edges. It gives you a glowey finish. Yes, Glowey is a word. Price Point is $14.00.

Sigma Beauty F60– This is my favorite brush to use to apply my cream bronzers with. It picks up the product so nicely and applies my bronzers so precisely. It’s a little too large to be a concelaer brush but it’s still in my top 10. Price point for this one is $22.00.

Morphe M437– This is my HOLY GRAIL powder contour brush. I love this brush because it doesn’t give you a harsh contour line. It gives you a nice bronzed look, almost a summer time bronze. If you are looking for more of a precise contour this isn’t your girl. Price point for this one is $10.00.

Sigma Beauty F50– My favorite way to apply blush lately is with a Duo Fiber brush. It gives you more of a natural, pinch your cheeks, type of blush application. It just sweeps a small amount on your skin. However, if you are looking for more of a pigmented blush look this isn’t your brush. It gives you a flawless finish and I just LOVE it! Price Point is at $27.00.

Sephora #208– I’ve never found an eyebrow brush that I love more than this one. Not only does it come with a spoolie attached, which is amazing, it is the perfect angle for getting the front of your brows done. Its not too long which tends to be a problem with most eyebrow brushes. Trust me, this one is amazing. Price point for this girl is $14.00.

Morphe M438-Techincally, this is not a highlighter brush (insert eye roll). However, this is MY highlighter brush. I love love love this brush for my highlighter. Instead of applying your highlighter on your check with a fan brush (which always look super chalky on me) I use this guy. He also applies my highlighter evenly and gives more of a glow. Don’t ever think you have to use a brush just because that’s what the website tells you its for. You can use any brush for literally anything. Price point is $10.00.

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