11 easy tips for perfect skin

11 easy tips for perfect skin11 easy tips for perfect skin : Beauty tips, we have all. But are we sure they are good? We try to get back on track with 11 make-up and bulk care tips. Beware, for those who would be lost in the whirlwind of beauty, these easy tips could become your subsistence. For those who already know them, bravo (you could have told us, anyway). For others, these beauty tips will amaze you.

1. Apply care from the bottom to the top

Yes my good lady, when applying her moisturizer , the best is to avoid pushing the face down (it is already doing very well alone). It’s a question of weightlessness. Then we start from the neck to go up to the forehead, and from the center of the face up cheekbones. Push-up effect guaranteed. A small step for us, a big step to challenge the laws of gravity. And of course, before applying his care, one chooses it well.

2. Leave your face moisturizer away from the eye area

Spreading, we take care to avoid the entire area that frames the eye. Why ? Because our moisturizing care is too heavy in water for this fragile area. The skin of the outline is so thin that it absorbs everything, too. And who says too much water, says skin that swells, says appearance of pockets. It is for this reason that there is care specifically adapted to this area (no, it’s not just marketing).

3. Eliminate excess sebum

To take good care of your skin, even if it is oily, hydration is a crucial step because it allows precisely to regulate the production of sebum. To avoid drying out your skin and becoming fatter, choose a moisturizer adapted. The choice of the editor? The Active Care AC of Topicrem that, in addition to matte skin, helps fight against pimples and blackheads while mitigating residual marks. A perfect care to make a new skin to integrate absolutely to its beauty routine.

4. To avoid dark circles, consider the circulation of blood

We agree, it is customary to apply its eye contour care by massaging the eyes from the inside to the outside (no?). Serious mistake, if you want to be effective on a ring or pocket morning, better to respect the lymphatic routes. Indeed, these nasty problems are the result of a poor circulation of blood, and not following the right path to stimulate the energy of the eye area is more or less to breeze. And we, overworked women, really do not need that. So now, with the pulp of the index finger, we perform a mini-drainage by gently massaging the skin by small pressure in circular movements (and not by stretching so as not to wrinkle and add wrinkles), a dozen times the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye. Then we do the same thing all around the orbit.

5. Another beauty tip? Apply your foundation with your hands

Fluid foundation or tinted cream, same fight: fire the brushes, we go with the fingers. Why ? Because the hands are “hot” and allow the molecules of the product to work together. The material is ideally warmed, it melts better on the skin and the effect is much more natural. Of course, you do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly before and after.

6. Add a drop of serum into the foundation

Foundation always, to make it more fluid, give it a more natural look and give us a nice face, we add a drop of serum in the palm of his hand before applying it. Farewell effect plaster Dadame ultra makeup. It’s Tom Pecheux (star makeup artist and make-up artistic director Estée Lauder , editor’s note ) who whispered it to us at the back of a parade backstage.

7. Apply its concealer properly

Rule # 1: Go soft. Why ? Because the concealer is more of an illuminator than a real camouflage tool. He plays with light to create a kind of optical effect but his power is limited. When you really have two dark circles under the eyes, better go to sleep. The concealer will do nothing. And to put it down, you tap with your finger to avoid finding yourself with a big trace and new folds under the eye. It is applied “in triangle” starting with small dots of the inner corner of the eye, down straight to the level of the bottom of the nose and up diagonally to the outer corner of the eye. We spread without leaving the triangle and avoiding too close to the root of the eyelashes to keep a look alive.

8. To wake up, think about the flesh pencil

Speaking of living eyes, after a night of madness, to arrive fresh in the office, apply a pencil line flesh inside the eye before fading slightly on the eyelids to clear small redness (of the shame). Whiplash for the eyes.

9. Exfoliate his lips

When we talk about exfoliating, we do not talk about taking pumice out. You should know that the skin of the lips is 5 times thinner than the rest of the face. An ultra sensitive area therefore, which we must take very great care. To make it very soft, it is necessary to rid it of its dead skins (from time to time), and to hydrate it intensely (all the time). So we give ourselves a little massage with a gentle exfoliating gentle (a little honey and sugar it works too), and we can enjoy the night to offer a mask with ultra-moisturizing balm, nourishing, plumping. .. to wake up with pink baby lips.

10. To remove imperfections, store your fingers

You will tell me, “how to remove without touching?”. That’s right, blackheads , small buttons … are not the most beautiful effect on our face. But back all naughty nails and other comedones! Better not to touch it and treat them gently. Why ? Because piercing them would only slow down their disappearance. This is the best way to aggravate the infection and end up with a nasty brand. Basically it’s like waking up a dormant volcano. We will avoid, and instead work to find the right astringent lotion (the top to tighten the pores, dry imperfections and unify the complexion), remove makeup and clean gently morning and evening, and wait a little. Let’s avoid making our skin an enemy, it will give us back.

11. To breathe

Sleeping to have a more beautiful skin, we knew it. But playing sports, is not it paradoxical? Not that much … Just because sweat is evacuate stress as well as all the toxins that clog and tire our body through the pores of the skin. To make it simple, by boosting perspiration, the skin “self-cleans” and removes impurities and dead cells, while improving the microcirculation for better irrigation and better nutrition of skin tissues. The skin is better hydrated, more supple, clearer, smoother, sharper … all in all. In addition it is valid for the whole body. For lazy people, take a ride to the steam room or sauna from time to time, and you’re done.
The best recipe: 40 minutes of running (at the supermarket that does not count) + a hammam of fifteen minutes. Not to mention to drink a lot.

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