[C0] Chaos rising:

In 20xx, human beings broke the gap between time and space by chance and the shuttle between the parallel world and the planet became possible. This brought convenience and chaos at the same time. The evil forces from all over the world and the planets roamed everywhere and the zombies brought the entire universe into chaos. In order to save the world, some heroes from different worlds and ethnicities came together, they called their organization "π".

More will be updated in July...

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We’re currently developing this wonderful game. We look forward to hearing from you.

When top-down meets TPS, shooting games can be more simple and interesting!

When top-down meets TPS meets turrets, shooting games can be more strategic!

Each hero has 3 special skills, plus flashlights and handling skills.

There will be 9 planets representing 9 parallel worlds. Each hero exists in every parallel world with their unique attributes. The consumption and reward of gold coins will double in every next world.

The turrets are like chess. There will be 5 kinds of turrets in the first version.

You can team up with your friends to fight zombies or other players.

You can easily get lost in the dark! It's possible that a hostile player will emerge from behind the next corner. Maybe your companion had taken another path at the last corner.

In the first version, you can choose at least 12 heroes with different personality traits, weapons and skills.

About Us

Game designer
John Doe

Tony Song

Over 10 years of work in programming after university. Good at game design, 3d modeling, and programming. Developing indie games from 2011.

Art designer
Jane Helf

Arkya Tu

More than 8 years of experience in art design. Participate in the design and release of 2 games in a game company.

Main programmer
Joshua Insanus

Jamie Song

Graduated from the famous Yunnan University in 2009. He has been involved in developing a lot of software development projects since graduation.